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Delivering Excellence Time & Again

Carpet cleaners and their services are essential for residential as well as commercial locations. With so many carpet cleaners in Tampa, FL how do you know which one to choose and who to count upon? The trick is to thoroughly investigate the procedure used by the carpet cleaning services to do their job. Carpet cleaning is not an easy job. It’s a complicated procedure. Let us take you through it and show you what it entails.

Tampa Carpet Cleaners – Delivering Excellence Time & Again

The Process of Carpet Cleaning

We begin by spraying the carpet with a pre-spray that breaks down the dirt and soil in it. Like all good carpet cleaners, we also use an all natural spray that is hypo-allergenic.

After the spray is applied, a powerful suction combined with 200 degree water is used to get rid of the dirt that’s wedged deep inside the carpet. It also gets rid of microscopic pollutants like mites and allergens. These are responsible for causing breathing problems and allergies.

The final stage of the cleaning is drying the carpet with turbo fans and raking the carpet fibers in order to restore the pile. In our effort to offer the best services for carpet cleaning in Tampa we only use the latest equipment and the best technicians to make sure that no residue is left behind in the carpet. We want to ensure the job is accomplished to your satisfaction.

Residential Carpet Cleaning

We  realize the need to keep the carpet looking cleaner for longer amounts of time. Not everybody has the money to have their carpets cleaned every month. That’s why we make use of DuPont Teflon coating, which forms a protective shield around the fibers of the carpet. With DuPont coating, dust and dirt are grounded less by the carpet, and liquids are not absorbed so quickly either. The coating is undetectable and you will notice absolutely no change in the appearance of your carpet.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Carpets in commercial spaces see a lot of heavy traffic. The chances of dust and dirt lodging themselves into the fibers of your carpet are higher. Therefore, commercial carpets require heavy duty and intense carpet cleaning. Tampa carpet cleaners, such as ourselves are well equipped to handle this situation. By using powerful emulsifiers that target food grease and heavy foot traffic, odor eliminators and deodorizers that get rid of the musty smells, and carpet protectors that keep your carpet looking as good as new. We are able to protect your investment.

Removing Pet Contamination

Having pets around the house offer a sense of warmth and comfort but they do come with their set of problems too. They bring dirt and dust into the house, their hair can get into the fibers of the carpet and stay lodged there. There is also the question of unpleasant odors that they tend to leave. You can sit back and relax when you have us to take all of your worries away. We just ask that you enjoy the benefits of our labor with completely refreshed carpet for your house.

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