Pet Odor Removal, Get Rid of The Smell, Not The Pet

PET ODOR REMOVAL, GET RID OF THE SMELL, NOT THE PETEven the most well trained pets have accidents from time to time, but there is nothing quite as pervasive as the smell of pet urine in your home. Well, help is on the way.

For the most effective treatment for pet odor removal just call us, and using a process of nature and technology, your house can be rid of those offensive odors. Remove the smell, not the pet.

Pet Odor

This is a very common problem amongst animal lovers. Fortunately, we are experts in pet odor removal and can help you sort out even the toughest cases. From a minor one-off problem, to major recurring smells, at Tampa Carpet Care, we can find the perfect solution for you and your pet smell removal.

Very often you just need a jolly good clean with our powerful cleaning system which can effectively remove all traces of urine from the carpet fiber.

In major problem cases, the trouble is that the pet odor is much deeper than at first realized. Urine can soak right through the carpet and into the padding beneath, and if left untreated for a long time, can even penetrate into the floor beneath the padding. This makes pet odor removal more difficult than a simple clean of the top layers. Just to add to this problem, urine also provides for the growth of bacteria which can make the odor even worse, and cause loss of color to the fibers of the carpet.


In order to get rid of this problem once and for all, the urine needs to be removed or neutralized from every effected layer. If the problem is only on the carpet surface, then a simple clean may be sufficient, or, in more severe cases, a neutralizer can be applied afterwards.

One important thing to remember, in order to remove pet odor, remove the urine as soon as possible. If it is left untreated the urine can penetrate many substances in your home and become more and more difficult to trace and eradicate effectively.

At Tampa Carpet Care we have a whole range of solutions for pet odor and pet stain removal problems. We may have to come up with a system of maintenance rather than total elimination, depending on the pet problems faced. Our pets are an important part of the family, but sometimes they are an added challenge in the quest for a healthy, odor free home. The team at Tampa Carpet Care is ready to help you in your quest.

There is a lot of difference between cleaning up the urine and effective odor treatment. By cleaning away the soil this may not remove the associated odor and the odor could actually increase in the air temporarily.

Urine can cause permanent damage to your carpets, floors and fabrics and create a dirty and extremely unhealthy environment for your family. When the accident first happens it is in a ‘neutral’ state, which makes it much easier to clean successfully, the sooner the better. After it has dried, it turns to ‘alkaline’ and it is then when it is much more difficult to completely remove it. It can cause permanent damage to certain fabrics and floors, if left for weeks or even days. This ‘alkaline’ state can cause permanent damage to the dye structure of the fabric or floor covering, which in turn means a permanent stain, even after the soiling has been removed.

There can be no guarantees to completely remove all traces of urine spots, but if you do have any stubborn urine spots, ask the assigned technician for a professional advice.

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