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De-Bug Your Life

MATTRESS CLEANING TAMPA – DE-BUG YOUR LIFEMost of us these days are extremely house proud, and like to polish all surfaces at the mere hint of a speck of dust, but does this mean our houses are clean? What about the surfaces we can’t see? Are they truly clean or are they harbouring a more harmful and sinister grime, you really need your mattress cleaning; Tampa residents prepare yourselves for some perhaps surprising and unpleasant facts.

Watch out, they’re everywhere! You can’t see them they’re so small, they’re microscopic, but they’re definitely there. Dust mites. They live in your mattress, in your pillows and blankets, in the sofa, in the carpet, in their millions, in any warm, moist conditions right in your house. You need your mattress cleaning, Tampa people; don’t let bugs ruin your life.

Think about this for a moment. Do you ever wake up with red, itchy eyes for no apparent reason? Do you wake up with sinus pain or sneezing uncontrollably, without any explanation? It’s because of them, the dust mites, feeding on the dead skin cells which you shed each night and leaving their excrement behind, causing many of the above allergy type symptoms.

So, you might be thinking that you ought to get the vacuum out and do a bit of mattress cleaning. Nice try but it won’t get rid of the cause of the problem, for a really effective way of eradicating the problem you need a really clean mattress and for that you need to call us for specialised mattress cleaning. Tampa might have other companies to call, but to really solve the problem you’re only option is to call Tampa Carpet Care.

We can come to the rescue with an organic, chemical-free process that can destroy the pests and everything that goes with them. Their anti-bacterial solution can effectively eradicate the mites, the bacteria, spores, allergens, decaying skin cells and dust and leave your home bug free.

How can they do that?

At Tampa Carpet Care we really know how to clean a mattress. First of all the mattress is subjected to high frequency waves to loosen all of the grime, then, using an especially high powered vacuum they can trap 99.97% of everything collected. A chemical free disinfectant is then administered for sterilization followed by a hygienic anti-bacterial mattress spray with insect repellent to prevent them from returning.

So there you have it, a cleaner house both above and below the surface.

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