For All Your Cleaning Carpet Stain Know How, Read On

The quicker you treat a spot stain on your carpet, the more your chances of complete success. Keep this information page handy or print out copies of it for you, your family and friends, to ensure that they can share your cleaning carpet stain know how.

Your Cleaning Carpet Stain Survival Kit

Keep this list of everyday items handy, and you will be ready to tackle fresh accidental spills on your carpets quickly and effectively. When you use these items for cleaning, carpet stain will be much easier to deal with.

  • Neutral dish detergent – eg Joy® or Dawn® - diluted 20 : 1
  • White vinegar – diluted 1 : 1
  • Wet spotter, eg Spot Gone®
  • Dry spotter, eg Dissolve®
  • Hydrogen peroxide for bleaching (3% solution)
  • Paint thinner
  • Denatured or isopropyl alcohol
  • White terry cloths
  • A spotting brush
  • For pet owners – a stock of bacteria/enzyme digester, eg Liquid Alive®

You may also find a wet & dry vacuum an extremely useful piece of equipment for carpet stain removal.

6 Steps to Successfully Removing Spots

  1. Act fast while the stain is fresh, you’ll have a 75% better chance of success. Heat will just help to set most stains, so no ironing or hot air drying until you’ve dealt with the problem.
  2. Blot up the liquid first and then scrape up the solids. If you are dealing with a large spill of liquids use a web/dry vac, but be careful when trying to remove carpet stain, not to simply spread it about.
  3. Spot test any chemicals first, to make sure that you won’t cause any discoloration or damage to the surface.
  4. Always work starting from the outside in, to prevent spreading the stain. Don’t scrub; blot, dab using the flat side of your spotting brush to help break up the stain.
  5. Thoroughly rinse any chemical spotters you have used out with clean water. Blot dry and then feather the edges, then brush the pile or nap of the carpet.
  6. A thick towel weighted down over the offending area with heavy books and left overnight will help to remove any remaining moisture in carpets and upholstery.

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