If You Suffer From an Allergy, Carpet Cleaning Could be The Answer

It is widely regarded that the most common causes of allergies are found in our homes, put simply, the constant exposure to dust mites and allergens caused by pets can cause or severely aggravate an allergic reaction, so if you have an allergy carpet mites could well be aggravating or even causing the situation. By continuous exposure the allergic illness can even lead to more serious and life threatening situations, such as asthma or sinusitis.


According to a study over 3 years by the National Institutes of Health, a staggering 46% of homes in North America have sufficient dust mite allergen for allergies to occur. Even more amazing is that 24% of these homes showed levels which were five times greater than the recommended threshold.

By reducing exposure to these allergens, doctors believe that it is possible to significantly reduce the symptoms and development of allergies, and that for the best way to control the cause of the allergy carpet cleaning is a satisfactory solution.

More than half of these dust mites (around 60%) are actually present in your bed, and as we spend about a third of our lives in the bedroom, we are constantly exposed to the threat of allergy, carpet cleaning in the bedroom is therefore a high priority.

It is a high priority to clean the bedroom area, but there are also other areas in the house which can have a significant affect, specifically areas where the allergy sufferers spend a lot of their time. If you are prone to suffer from an allergy, carpet cleaning in the lounge area where you may spend time watching TV, and where pets are present, is also very important. Other upholstered furniture should also be treated, anywhere really that your pet might have access to should be treated and thoroughly cleaned. You should really do everything you can to control the environment in which you spend most of your time, in order to avoid unnecessary exposure to these dangerous allergens.

Keeping a clean house is extremely important, but if you suffer from an allergy carpet cleaning with your domestic vacuum is simply not sufficient. It is not possible to simply clean away dust mites, and if you have a loving pet, the chances are that the thought of being parted from it are just too painful to even contemplate, even though this would be the course of action most likely to be recommended by doctors. Do not despair; there are specialized cleaning agents which are specifically designed to remove as much allergen as possible, and to prevent them from causing an allergic reaction.

There are scientifically proven methods which have shown to reduce the indoor allergen concentrations, so that they are within what is considered to be safe concentrations and below the levels that can cause allergic reactions. This technique is safe for children, animals and also the environment, so for all houses in Tampa, carpet cleaning with these products is an absolute must.

The products are practically free from odor, non toxic, hypoallergenic and do not contain dye or perfume. They are biodegradable and are completely safe for the environment, as they are produced from renewable fruit and vegetable seeds. These products have been specially formulated to be used around people who suffer from allergic illnesses or sensitivity to chemicals, and are completely safe and effective in all homes, even when there are children and pets.

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